Accuracy International 20333: AI Logo Replacement/Upgrade Cheek Piece Thumb Screw (Single)

AI : AI Accessories : 20333

**sold per (1) screw**

thumbscrew replacement for the 4mm cheek piece adjustment screw.

works on all Accuracy International rifles




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  • 5
    So much easier

    It is a real pain in the you know what to adjust or remove the cheek rest on my AT. You have to have the correct allen wrench always on hand. With these thumb screws you just unscrew slightly with your fingers and then retighten. POC.

  • 4
    Excellent but could be a little bigger.

    Adjusting the cheek rest with the allen wrench can be a pain in the rear. These make adjustments quick and easy. They could be a little larger for big hands/fingers. Other than that, an excellent product and a must have accessory.