Adam Rehor

Adam Rehor is currently the head armorer/gunsmith for Mile High Shooting Accessories and is a certified Accuracy International armorer.  Adam’s armorer career began as a dream when his high school counselor asked his class what they wanted their future to look like and Adam began to think of ways to incorporate his enjoyment of hunting, long-range shooting, and trapshooting.  He grew up in rural Colorado and in his spare time-- between going to school and helping his father farm-- Adam would hunt and shoot trap with his brother, uncle, and father.  In the fall of 2007 Adam entered the Gunsmithing Program at Trinidad State Junior College, and under the tutelage of Speedy Gonzales, Adam learned the art of building and repairing precision rifles and the  importance of a consistently accurate rifle system.  In 2009 Adam graduated with an Associates of Applied Sciences degree, majoring in Gunsmithing and minoring in shooting.  After college Adam worked for Gordy Gritters and Stiller Precision Firearms before landing his dream job at Mile High Shooting Accessories.  In January 2010 Randy and Diann Pennington hired Adam to join team Mile High, that time headquartered in their home where they sold Accuracy International Rifles.  

Today Adam oversees the gunsmithing shop, ensuring that each gun is crafted specifically to each customer’s need.  He spends time answering both customers’ and coworkers’ technical questions through phone calls, emails, or in person at the shop.  When the show room at Mile High becomes busy, Adam steps in to help sell products.  For over 6 years, with the help of Accuracy International’s Certified Armorer Neil Braiser, Adam team-taught armorer’s classes, which focus on teaching the skills to properly maintain Accuracy International Rifles.  In January 2016 Adam flew to England to become a certified Accuracy International armorer/instructor.  Now he travels the country solo teaching.  With Adam’s expertise Mile High Shooting Accessories became the first and only certified Accuracy International Service Center in the United States.  Adam also runs this department and works tirelessly to make sure each rifle they fix returns to customers in top working condition.  

When Adam does take a vacation, it’s usually to attend a trapshoot where he competes with his father and wife.  On some weekends he enjoys competing in long-range precision rifle/PRS series competitions.  He hopes to pass on his love of guns and shooting sports to his beautiful daughter, and teach her the value of hard work and determination in reaching her future dreams.