Badger: M2013, SA Stainless Action, Standard SA

Badger : 1005-100-20
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  • Caliber: Short action & Short Magnum based calibers
  • Length: 8.84” S/A
  • Width: 1.27”
  • Height: 1.5”
  • Weight: Short action 2 lbs 5.7 oz.
  • Number of Bolt lugs: 6 on a 3 lug pattern
  • Bolt Dia: .78”
  • Bolt lift: 60º
  • Barrel Thread: 1 1/16” X 16 3A, 1.37” long
  • Trigger: Can use any Remington M700 style trigger.
  • Triggerguard: Uses any Remington M700 detachable box magazine system.
  • Stock: McMillan Fiberglass and Manners Composite are both making stocks for this receiver, however this receiver can be installed into almost any Remington compatible stock.



  • Lighter, faster firing pin.
  • Improved extraction cam for lighter bolt lift.
  • New styling for weight reduction.
  • Can use Accuracy International AICS or AW magazines (not interchangeably).
  • 4143 Steel receiver for a lifetime of bullet proof operation.
  • Bolt hole honed to 16 RMS for smooth operation.
  • Modified M16 style extractor cannot pull out because of hard extraction.
  • Bolt locks into the receiver using a breeching ring, which is trapped between the barrel and the receiver.
  • Breeching ring is made from precipitation hardend corrosion resistant steel.
  • Full length Aluminum MIL STD 1913 20 MOA Rail (Picatinny) held on with 4 #8-40 screws and 2 recoil pins.
  • Tool-less firing pin disassembly.  


Can be fit into the Accuracy International AICS and AX chassis, and the KRG Whiskey3/X-Ray chassis.



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