Badger Ordnance: Integrated Mount Universal Night Sight, (IMUNS, 20 MOA Forward Cant) (ITAR)

Badger : 310-10-20
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Product Description

Installs into any Accuracy International Chassis (except AS 50’s), replaces the current bipod mounting block and allows the use of clip on night vision devices such as the A/N PVS-22, A/N PVS-24, A/N PVS-27 or other devices like thermal imagers or fusion devices. The IMUNS has a side accessory rails that allow the use of laser aiming devices such as the ATPIAL/DBAL and all other issued aiming lasers. The mount retains the bipod socket for the AI bipod and also allows for the use of a Harris style bipod. No permanent modification is required. Weight: 12.0 Oz.


20 MOA