Posted by Larry Vickers on Apr 29th 2015

Larry Vickers' Advice on Precision Shooting

In long range shooting, as well as any other type of shooting, the value of sight alignment and trigger control should not be underestimated. There are no products available to purchase that will be as effective at improving shooting quality than the mastery of these two practices.

In long range shooting, proper instruction is priceless in the proficiency of sight alignment and trigger control, as well as for overall technique. It can literally save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. You will get more out of one good long range shooting class than almost anything else you try. I recommend my good friend Walt Wilkinson at Gunsite; he is superb and a true expert of long range shooting.

Another essential thing to remember is that top quality optics are worth their weight in gold when it comes to shooting from a distance. Buy the absolute best you can afford. As my buddy Walt says, “For every nickel you spend on a good scope, you get a dime in return.” Cheap scopes limit you in ways you may not understand until you become a more accomplished shooter.

I've shot many types of bolt guns, and the brand I reach for most often is Accuracy International- the brand that ultimately led me to MHSA in the first place. AI rifles are in many ways the gold standard and hold their value when others don't. You won’t regret the purchase of an AI.

- Larry Vickers