CG X-Treme Mod 22: XTSP Mod 22 Tactical Trigger for REM-style Receiver

XTSP (X-Treme Shooting Prod)-CG X-Treme Mod 22 Trigger
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The Model 22 trigger is the successor to the already popular and proven CG Jackson trigger, internally referred to as the Mod 21. The Mod 21 was designed to be universal and fit a variety of popular actions. However, in the Remington action, the Model 21 had clearance issues when installed in repeater rifles. The Mod 21 trigger is no longer manufactured.


The Mod 22 target triggers are a true 2-stage, 4-lever trigger for Remington 700 actions and those “clones” that model much of the Remington geometry. With a re-designed upper frame to fit into the receiver with 2 cross pins, clearance problems with internal box magazines like BDL rifles or those with detachable box magazines have been eliminated!


The Mod 22 tactical trigger utilizes only 3 levers. This helps to increase the final pull weight over the target triggers, since tactical shooters tend to shoot in a variety of weather and temperature conditions and sometimes under great stress.


The CG Mod 22 trigger was originally designed by Robert Chombart of France and updated by XTSP and modified by us for the U.S. market. It is a 100% machined trigger, utilizing 3 dimensional solid modeling design and the best materials and manufacturing techniques available in the United States.


User Adjustments

User adjustments are available for 1st stage travel, 1st stage pull weight, and 2nd stage pull weight. The range of final pull weights in 2 stage operation is from approximately 10oz. to 3.5lbs. This adjustment range is suitable for U.S. NRA Match rifle, International Match rifle, F-class and for hunting and professional use.


Other Features

Available in three versions. Click the ORDER ONLINE button to see examples. Curved or straight/reversible trigger shoes are available to fit the standard 3.5mm diameter Anschutz-type rail.


New with the Mod 22, we offer a solid trigger shoe with a safety for non-target shooting applications like tactical and hunting rifles.


The Mod 22 has a new 2-position safety design we refer to as "Failsafe." It does on a trigger based safety what the bolt shroud safety does on the Mauser 98 or the Win Mod 70. When fully engaged, the top trigger sear will hold back and safe the firing pin. Under Remington laboratory and Military testing, the Failsafe safety was able to pass the 1.5 meter drop test onto a steel plate time and time again. To date, we believe this is the only trigger in the U.S. that can do so.