Defiance: MHSA 300 Win Mag 28" Barreled Action

D10179 Build
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Defiance is well known for making some of the smoothest and best Remington 700 clone actions around. All Defiance actions are machined post heat treat to assure that there will not be a change in tolerance. This barreled action has a GA Hunter style 2 piece integrated rail to save weight. The light palma barrel is fluted to save weight as well. This build is the perfect combination for anyone that is planning to get into long range precision big game hunting. The muzzle of the barrel is threaded 5/8x24. This thread pitch is without a doubt the most common for attachment of muzzle brakes and suppressors. The barrel is cerakoted to reduce corrosion and the bolt is parkerized which doesn't get rid of the extremely smooth bolt travel that you would expect out of a Defiance action. The twist rate is plenty fast enough to stabilize many of the new long and heavy projectiles that you may want to load up for a 300 Win Mag. 

  • Chambered and assembled by Mile High Shooting
  • Defiance Deviant GA Hunter action
  • Bartlein 28" fluted barrel
  • Light palma 1:8 twist barrel
  • Threaded 5/8x24
  • Black cerakoted barrel
  • Parkerized bolt
  • Chambered in 300 Win Mag

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