EOTech: BNVD Kit, AN/PVS-31A - White Phosphor w/Wilcox G24 Mount

EOTECH : BNG-001-A48M EOTech
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The AN/PVS-31A BNVD is a compact, lightweight, Gen III dual-tube goggle with improved white phosphor tube technology for greater target detection and recognition. Low-light and nighttime maneuvers appear more natural in black and white, with added contrast detail in shapes and shadows providing the operator more visual information for assessment and acquisition. White phosphor offer various shades of intensity between black and white (over black and green), resulting in better contrast and depth perception.

The device has an ergonomic low-profile design and offers superior situational awareness compared to a single tube goggle. Working directly with input from SOF operators, the BNVD was designed to increase system resolution, significantly reduce head-borne weight, improve system center of gravity, provide additional operational utility, and improve overall situational awareness compared to currently fielded dual tube goggles. The white phosphor BNVD is a follow-on to the legacy, battle-proven AN/PVS-15 and AN/PVS-31 standard green phosphor night vision goggles.


Gen III Night Vision Image Intensifier Tube

White Phosphor



Min. FOM: 2376 

Includes Wilcox Industries G24 Mount



• Manual system gain and focus adjustments for custom image quality optimization

• Lightweight ergonomic design reduces head-borne weight and decreases neck strain

• Optional diopter lenses optimize operator preference for visual acuity

• Rotating binocular design allows low profile against helmet when in stowed position and ability to use as a single monocular

• Works with currently fielded dovetail helmet mounts

• Auto OFF when stowed; resumes power when deployed

• LED indicator in left and right monocular indicates when 10 minutes or more of battery life remains

• Replaceable/upgradeable I2 tube assemblies



• Includes Gen III Image Intensification Tubes (I2) with Auto-Gated Technology to prevent damage in high-light environments

• High-performance white phosphor image with enhanced degree of detail in overall contrast and range of shades

• Provides the operator more visual information for accurate assessment and acquisition



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