EOTECH: LWTS-LR - Light Weapon Thermal Sight - Long Range

EOTECH : TWB-001-A50
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Night Vision Weapon Sight- Long Range

The LWTS-LR is a next-gen long-range weapon-mounted thermal sight. The thermal imaging capability of the LWTS-LR allows for long-wave infrared observation and target identification under adverse conditions including light rain, smoke, light snow and low light to total darkness. The LWTS-LR utilizes leading edge 17 μm technology in a 640 x 480 uncooled microbolometer. The high-resolution display, combined with state-of-the-art image processing and electronics, provide exceptional imagery and long-mission run times on a single battery load.


• Expands clip-on thermal capability of LWTS across
full spectrum of medium and heavy caliber
weapon platforms
• Greater than 80% improvement in Detection,
Recognition, Identification (DRI) range relative
to standard LWTS
• Designed for use with various Direct View Optics
(DVO) including ACOG, M68, MDO, SDO,
ELCAN, etc.
• Leverages mission-proven 640 x 480 17 μm
uncooled micro bolometer technology (6,700+
LWTS delivered/fielded to-date by U.S. Army,
Marine Corps, Navy, etc.)
• RS-170 real-time video in/out for remote viewing

• Integrated shutter for hands-free non-
uniformity calibration

• Customizable 5 integrated ballistic weapon
reticles boresightable to less than 1 MOA for use
in standalone mode 
• Less than 2 minutes of angle (MOA) image
shift retention in clip-on mode
• Fully field-maintainable
• Optional WPAN® Wireless Pod available

Dimensions: 9.2 in. L x 3.6 in. W x 4.5 in. H
Weight: < 2.5 lb. (with batteries)
Battery Type: (4) AA lithium-ion (1.5 V)
Battery Life: > 10 hrs. at 25° C (77° F)
Field-of-View: 7.4° horizontal (HFOV)
Magnification: 2x with 1/2x (clip-on) and
4x digital zoom capability

Focus Range: 5 m to infinity
Frame Rate: 60 Hz
Recognition After
Detection: > 2,500 m clear air