Flatline Ops: Spuhr Tango SM Bubble Level

Flatline Ops : 40002-TSM Tango SM
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The TANGO SM ACCU/LEVEL™ is Flatline Ops' newest SPUHR® mounted scope level*. It boasts the industries only SPUHR® adaptable level that is 'micro fine-adjustable' after installation. The Tango SM™ features interface locating rings that nest into the SPUHR® interface to assure a precision fitment. The ultra-lightweight design, at only 0.7oz, is Machined from 6061-T6 areospace grade aluminum and Mil Spec type III hard anodized for harsh conditions and abuse. The Tango SM™ patented articulating level arm, when not in use, the arm can be tucked into the body for safe travel and protection. When you are ready to use it, simply articulate the level arm out and you are ready to go.

A long-range shot has many factors to take into consideration to be sure you are on target, and our ACCU/LEVEL™ system aids in the correction of "cant error," giving you dead-on true vertical hold. The level also features an ultra-low profile and machine precision design to make sure you are locked into place before taking that critical shot.


Important Fitment Information

* SPUHR® Mount Fitment: The Tango SM™ fits SPUHR® Mount Models: SA, SP, SS, ST, and QDP. Other models may vary and may not be compatible. The mounting locations may vary depending on scope brand, tube and turret size, as well as SPURH® Mount model and size. Flatline recommends using the Tango SM™ in the rear lower interface locations for best sight acquisition.