Grayboe: Renegade Stock, V-22 Inlet - DBM, Adjustable Cheek

Vudoo Gun Works : V-12 Olive w/Black Web
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The Renegade uses a beavertail forearm that is wider and flatter than most stocks making it suitable for the bench shooter or for real world tactical deployment. Action and barrel sit lower for enhanced stability and control. The Renegade uses a trim pistol grip, helping the shooter to maintain steady rearward pressure and keeping the butt more solidly “in the pocket”. The dual purpose butt hook is fully functional for either riding sandbags or controlling the rifle with the non-trigger hand. The Renegade weighs 3.75 pounds and is ambidextrous.  All Grayboe stocks are made from the highest quality composite ingredients, specifically formulated for the purpose of accuracy, comfort and reliability for your firearm. 



Vudoo Gunworks V-22


Rem Varmint (Bartlein #13, Proof Sendero Light, Pac Nor Varmint, Rock Creek Varmint, Lilja Rem Varmint, Shilen Rem Varmint, Krieger Varmint and Walther #2260)


DBM (M5 Footprint, Accepts AICS Mags)