JP SCR-11: .224 Valkyrie 22" 1/7 FDE

JP-224 Valkyrie-FDE
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JP .224 Valkyrie 22" 1/7- FDE


SCR-11™ Rifle


With the success of the LRP-07™ side-charge rifle, we’ve constantly had shooters at matches asking when JP would incorporate the side-charging feature into a .223 rifle like the CTR-02™. Well, we listened and here it is! The SCR-11™ is the next step in our all-out competition-ready rifles. Since the lines and innovative charging system of the LRP have been so well received, we’ve made the SCR-11™ essentially a scaled down version of the LRP-07™ available with all the same calibers and the addition of the new 224 Valkyrie, barrel, hand guard, metal finishing and stock options as the popular CTR-02™. Like its predecessor, it features the exaggerated bevel on the magazine well for faster speed loading and all the unique internal components and attention to detail that make a JP rifle what it is—the benchmark of self-loading rifles.


.224 Valkyrie