KRG: Habu Chassis R7SA Tungsten Grey

KRG:HABU chassis
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The Habu chassis gets its name from the old nickname for the SR-71 Blackbird, the legendary engineering marvel of an aircraft. Like the aircraft, the chassis Habu is limited production, exotic, and exclusive.

The large majority of the chassis is built with materials that you won't find on other chassis because they cost too much and they're too difficult to work with. Magnesium, titanium, and carbon fiber are the main components and they yield a supremely adjustable, full featured chassis that is light, strong, and visually appealing.

If your statement of requirements for your next precision rifle stock includes only one thing: "The best available", this chassis will be suitable.

The Habu is not cheap and it's not for everyone, but we feel that it's a couple steps above anything else available.

*Fits Remington 700SA and most clones