Night Optics NM-930MT61: 61mm Throw Lever for D-930 Series Night Vision Devices (ITAR)

Night Optics-NM-930MT61
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The aluminum 61 mm Throw Lever for D-930 Series Night Vision Devices from Night Optics allows attaching select night vision devices to riflescopes with 2.37 - 2.41" outside diameter objectives without using rail mounts. Simply tread this adapter to the eyepiece of your NVD, pull the lever into upright position to unlock the adapter, slide the assembly over the riflescope objective, turn the lever into locking position, and tighten its grip with the included Allen wrenches.

  • Compatible with D-930 series night vision devices
  • Attaches select NVD directly to riflescope objective
  • Fits riflescopes with 2.37 - 2.41" OD objectives
  • Adjustable tension
  • Aluminum