Norma Ammo: .308 Win. Golden Target 168gr GTX, 20/Box

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The Golden Target 308 Winchester Match cartridge is loaded with a 150- grain uncoated full metal jacket bullet and exhibits match accuracy at a lower price than the 308 Diamond Line. The case capacity is not suited to bullets much heavier than 180 grains, however, and accordingly some hunters finds it too light for the largest species like the big bears. It is important to know that the .308 Winchester is not entirely identical to the 7,62 NATO in all dimensions due to differences in tolerances, and some rifle chambers cannot handle military ammunition.


  • Consistent concentricity for highest precision
  • Slender design with match boat tail for competitive shooters
  • High BC for top precision for all aspects of MATCH shooting


G1 BC:  .424

Muzzle Velocity: 2625 (24" Barrel)

Product Line: Golden Target - Match

Part Number: 10177432


.308 Winchester