OSS: Muzzle Brake 7.62, 1/2x28

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This OSS QD Muzzle Brake is mount compatible with the HX-QD 762, HX-QD Magnum Ti Suppressors.

It is very important that you do install this on rifles of a certain calibers. There is a possibility that you can stretch the threads by installing this on lightweight barrels chambered for magnum cartridges. This limit is subjective and you should check with a gunsmith before installing on a rifle chambered in anything more powerful than .308 Winchester.



  • Model: QD 762
  • UPC: 706433762903
  • SKU: 1628
  • Width: 1.6000
  • Length: 4.1000
  • Height: 1.5000
  • Weight: 0.2800
  • Caliber: 30 Cal
  • Firearm Type: AR Rifle
  • Length: 2.30"
  • Search Code: OSS
  • Series: Muzzle Brake
  • Thread Pattern: 1/2"-28 tpi
  • Weight: 3.40 oz