Pro-Tech Knives: Blue Whiskers Magic BR-1.7

Pro-Tech Knives : Blue Whiskers Magic BR-1.7
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Automatic Knife Legal Disclaimer

Upon first glance there is nothing about the BR-1 to make you suspect it's an auto (no button of course). In my experience 9 out of 10 people that you hand it to will NOT be able to open it until you show them where the trick spot is.

The BOLSTER slides up; this very deliberate movement is what fires the blade open and also unlocks it from the open position.



Blade Length: 3.10 inch

Blade Width: 0.83 inch

Blade Thickness: 0.110 inch

Blade Material: 154-CM Stainless

Handle Length: 4.0 inch

Handle Width: 0.45 inch

Handle Material: Thick Aluminum - deep setting pocket clip on back