Really Right Stuff QD Strap System SET: No Straps, No Swivel

QD Strap System SET
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Really Right Stuff has designed another amazing product, the RRS QD Strap Set. The Strap Set includes a QD Collar, an Apex Mount, and an optional strap or swivels. The QD Collar attaches to the leg of a RRS tripod to create a mounting point for any push-button QD strap. The Apex Mount attaches to the bottom of the tripod apex (or side depending on series) in order to create a second mounting point. Attaching one side of the QD strap to the Leg Collar and the other to tripod Apex Mount creates a more versatile and secure tripod transportation experience. The strap option provides a 1-1/4" webbing and two push-button quick-detach sling swivels.

The QDs are lightning fast and ultra secure. 


  • Allow users to easily create a secure point of contact on their tripod
  • Attaches to tripod leg in multiple locations
  • Simple installation 

In the Box

  • (1) Apex Mount
  • (1) QD Leg Collar (POD)
  • (1) MS4 ® Dual QD Sling GEN2 - if Selected
  • (2) QD Swivels - if Selected (will be installed on strap if strap is selected)
  • (1) 2.5mm hex key (required to remove/replace collar)
  • (4) M3 Cap-head screws, 18-8 stainless steel
  • (1) User's Guide for RRS 'Pod QD Strap Set


  • Weight: .94 oz / 27g
  • Thickness: .69" / 18mm
  • Length: 1.97" / 50mm
  • Width: 1.91" / 49mm
 For info on how to use the POD QD system, watch the demonstration video here