SilencerCo: Octane 45 2.0 Suppressor

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Excellent pistol and subgun suppression. User serviceability with increased caliber versatility. Offering premium performance at an affordable price point.

** SilencerCo does not recommend shooting lead projectiles out of any of their sealed suppressors. **



Specifications Octane 45 2.0

Caliber: 9MM TO 45 ACP & 300 BLK Subsonic

Diameter: 1.40”

Length: 7.94 – 8.77”

Weight: 10.0 – 13.3 OZ

Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminum

Muzzle Average: 9MM: 130.4 dB / 45 ACP: 131.8 dB  / 300 BLK SUB: 133.5 dB




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