Spuhr: Optical Top Rail, G36/SL8 (Discontinued)

Spuhr : R-1
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The top rail is manufactured from 7075 aluminium and is very strong even though it only weighs 200 grams. Our top rail lowers the otherwise very high line of sight of the G36. It’s fitted with back-up iron sights that are fully adjustable with tools. The sights are fitted with tritium inserts. The rear part of the rail is lowered to accommodate a low mounting of NV equipment. For those who prefer a full length rail without the lowered portion, there is a Picatinny spacer included. Please note that the Picatinny rail is heavily dehorned to prevent burrs etc. after heavy use. Also a way of saving the hands and fingers of the users. Accessories, such as the Oerlikon LLM laser can be mounted on the top rail, rather than on the forend as to ensure that the point of aim will remain true even as the forend flexes and moves.