Spuhr R-310: MP5/HK33/53 Stock Assembly

Spuhr : R-310
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The R-310 MP5 Stock Assembly brings the proven design of the R-410 G3 Stock Assembly to the MP5 platform.

Using a stock adapter machined from solid billet aircraft aluminum with an integrated buffer, the 6-position adjustable stock is fully adjustable for length and has a non-reciprocating cheek piece (additional heights available) which positions the shooter’s eye in line with optic sights.

Thanks to the enhanced ergonomics of the stock assembly, recoil management is greatly improved, providing for fast accurate fire even when shooting fully automatic fire. Will fit HK MP5, HK33, and HK53 (and clones).


Length: 190-270 mm/7.48-10.62”

* Length of Pull: 290-370 mm/11.42-14.57"

Weight: 460 g/16.2 oz


* Measured from the center of the take-down pin to the rear of the stock.


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