Tab Gear LABB: Long Action Caliber Bullet Binder

TAB GEAR : Bullet Binder LA OD

Have you been looking for a way to carry your rounds so the bullets don't touch each other? If you go to the trouble of using a bullet pointing die to uniform each bullet tip, you don’t want them banging against each other.

The TAB GEAR Long Action Bullet Binder has 20 separate elastic shell loops to keep the rounds from touching each other.

The outside of the Bullet Binder is made of two layers of Cordura with a thick piece of plastic vinyl sandwiched between them to provide protection to the contents.

These are sized for typical short action calibers based on the long action case size. .338 Lapua fits perfect 


  • 1/8” bungee closure system that is user replaceable and silent opening and closing.
  •  1” Loop Velcro strip on the spine to attach caliber identification labels.
  •  Thick vinyl sheeting to provide rigidity and strength.
  •  1000 D Cordura
  •  Shell loops are staggered to prevent rounds from touching and for as compact a package as possible.
  •  Clear window to allow instant viewing of dope cards and other information when opened.
  •  20 round capacity.




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    Perfect, great addition to the shoot bag!

  • 5
    Finally!!! a convenient way to store my 338 ammo!

    I find that when I load up some 338LM I do not generally load 50 or 100 rounds at a time. With this round, I like to experiment with different powders, bullets, seating depths a lot. Add to that, the big, plastic ammo boxes are a pain because they seem huge and I like to use a backpack to put my ammo / range stuff in. The ammo boxes simply don't fit well so I have to carry them around separately. However, these ammo wallets are GREAT because I can separate ammo easily for load development, they're more space efficient and easier to store ammo in, I like the clear pocket so that I can see my load notes, and they fit nicely in a backpack or shooting bag with other gear. Bonus- 338LM ammo fits absolutely perfect in them. I load my ammo to magazine length with 300gr SMK's. Even if the elastic starts to stretch a little over time, they'll still be secure in the wallet because there is no room for them to slide around. I haven't tried this, but longer loads with VLD bullets might be a little tight to get all 20 rounds in??? I'm sure it can be done, but might bulge out the sides or stretch out the flaps. I've been using TAB's other ammo wallets for 308 and waiting impatiently :-) for them to come out with this product for 338LM loads. Funny how something so simple can make a big impact on convenience! Thank You TAB and MHS !!!!!!!!!!