Timney 533: 2-Stage Remington 700 Trigger w/Safety

Timney : 533
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The new Timney 2-Stage trigger is the latest model in that series.  The pull weight is factory calibrated for an eight-ounce first stage and one -pound second stage (the second stage is adjustable from 8-ounces to 2.5-pounds of pull weight)

The 2-Stage trigger features machined- and hardened-steel work surfaces milled from A2 tool steel, and all three sears are Teflon-nickel coated for added lubricity. The trigger housing and shoe are CNC machined using state-of-the-art robotics and the sears are EDM cut from high-grade solid steel.  The trigger housing utilizes an anodized-aluminum body and the trigger shoe and safety are carbonitrided, which dramatically increases the surface hardness and wear-resistance properties of the metal.      

The Timney 2 Stage Trigger is easily installed with no screws, drilling, or tapping required. By simply removing existing pins, replacing the trigger, and inserting existing pins, anyone can replace a trigger on their Remington 700.