Victor Company: Atlas Bipod Tension Wrench, Pattern #2

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Pattern #2Five lugs but with deeper recess cuts to allow a better grip. These are seen on many of the BT-10 V8 Atlas bipods from 2015-2017. 


View the Pattern #1 Wrench here

View the Pattern #3 Wrench here


The Atlas Bipod is the best competition bipod on the market today. It’s lightweight design and infinitely adjustable legs make it the go-to support for precision rifle shooters.  

However there is one drawback for competitive shooters: the dreaded tension knob. 

The Atlas tension knob was designed to adjust with your fingers to allow a smooth pan and tilt, and it works... for the first few shots, then it tends to loosen up.

Now we have a solution... the Atlas Tension Wrench. 

The ATW allows you to put the exact amount of friction you want on your tension knob and it won’t come loose. Guaranteed.