Zero Compromise Optic: ZC527 5-27x56, MPCT3X Reticle

ZCO : ZC527-3X
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The Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 is the ultimate solution for all your target engagement requirements.  With a generous low end of only 5X boasting a massive field of view of 21 feet, your close range needs are fulfilled.  Topping out at 27X gives ample magnification for your long range target engagements out to and beyond 1000 yards.

Optical performance is unmatched – ZCO's optical engineers have set the next standard for clarity, light transmission, and resolution in a compact package.  Performance like this has never been seen before in this magnification range and objective size.  Color rendition is natural with a slight enhancement in contrast for the finest view possible.  Total light transmission to the eye is 92% and the resolution is best in class. 

Mechanical construction perfected – When customers demand ultimate reliability, ZCO delivers the most robust construction techniques in the industry to deliver on this request. Mechanical engineers have designed some of the most well respected rifle scopes in the world, and have gone several steps further for increased durability, repeatability, and ruggedness.  Hardened steel components are used in high wear areas such as the internal click mechanisms for the elevation and windage turrets to ensure a lifetime of repeatable adjustment values.  Optical lenses are mechanically locked in place as well as bonded along the edges for total and complete structural integrity.  ZCO knows how others build their scopes, they have developed techniques and methodologies to deliver the best rifle scope ever produced, because our customers demanded better.  

Unmatched reticle diversity – Their staff is highly involved in the shooting and hunting industry and have designed the very best reticles available.  New designs have been developed by ZCO to enhance reticle diversity and usability.  No matter your application, ZCO offers a reticle that will suite your needs perfectly.

Enhanced features – All products are built for the most demanding users, offering the best features never before seen in a single product.  Shooters can now have enhanced ergonomics through either Right Windage Turret or Left Windage Turret configurations, locking turrets, multiple illumination settings including levels compatible for night vision equipment, fast focus locking diopter, true to indicated parallax adjustment with zero backlash, large adjustment range for elevation and windage travel, built in Return 2 Zero, and easily reset turrets once zeroed. These features are all rolled into a rifle scope only measuring 15.24 inches long and weighing a mere 37.9 ounces.

ZCO's dedication isn’t to just building rifle scopes, far from it.  They are dedicated to building the absolute best rifle scopes in the world! These scopes simply use the best material and techniques to build the scope you’ve always dreamed of.

Magnification: 5-27

Objective (mm): 56

Main Tube Diameter (mm): 36

Click Value (mils): 0.1

Elevation (mils): 35

Elevation Lock: Yes

Windage (mils) 21

Windage Lock: Yes

Field of View (ft/100 yds): 21.0'-4.5'

Eye Relief (in): 3.54

Parallax Compensation (m): 25-Infinity

Length (in): 15.24

Weight (oz): 37.9

Reticles: MPCT1, MPCT2, MPCT3, MPCT3X

Illumination: Yes

Focal Plane: First


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Max Magnification:
Reticle Position:
First Focal Plane