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Mile High Shooting Accessories has over 40 years of experience in the retail and sports shooting industries. Mile High is the world's largest stocking distributor of Accuracy International and Spuhr, also stocking lines such as Thunder Beast, Nightforce, Swarovski, Vortex, Zero Compromise Optic (ZCO), Zeiss, Hornady and many more! We pride ourselves on stocking the best brands in the industry. We are proud to be veteran-owned, Woman-founded, offer industry-leading service, and run our business with integrity! 




Mile High Shooting Accessories provides high-quality products and equipment for Long Range, Extreme Long Range, Precision Rifle Shooting, and Shooting Sports.






Accuracy International Distributor  

The World’s Best Sniper Rifle


We are the largest Accuracy International Distributors in the World. We carry a full line of Accuracy International, including the AXSR, AT-X, AX, AT, and the AX ELR, as well as the Accuracy International Chassis System (AICS). Accuracy International is The World’s Finest Sniper Rifle System and holds world records for extreme long shooting. 


Mile High Shooting Accessories has attended and successfully completed an intensive Accuracy International service and maintenance course for certification as an Accuracy International armorer at our company headquarters in Portsmouth England. Mile High Shooting Accessories is the only authorized independent service center in the United States for Accuracy International products.

Accuracy International of North America, Inc. is providing full support to Mile High Shooting Accessories with OEM parts, service documentation, and engineering support to ensure high standards of quality and customer service. Mile High Shooting Accessories has invested in extensive machine shop facilities, service and support equipment, trained machinists, and skilled personnel to provide the highest level of support for Accuracy International products.

Should you choose to purchase Accuracy International products from a different source, you can be assured that the seller will not have the backing from Accuracy International to service and support your rifles and other components of your sniper weapon system. Regardless of where our products are purchased, future service and support will have to be obtained through Mile High Shooting Accessories. One of the risks you will assume by purchasing from a 3rd party is that MHSA will not be able to service or support components or machine work provided by other sources. Further consideration should be given to the fact that Accuracy International cannot accept warranty responsibility for work or changes made to AI products by a company other than MHSA. We have made the considerable investment in MHSA as a trained and certified service center to protect both the integrity of our products and to protect the end user from substandard service and support.



Spuhr U.S. Distributor

Optical Mounts

 We are the US Distributor for Spuhr and maintain a full line of Spuhr Mounts, Rails, Rings, and more. Spuhr is the leader in the mounting world for their innovative solutions and systems. Spuhr has taken a scope mount from just a way of attaching the scope to a firearm and transformed the mount into a platform that allows you to mount optics and other accessories like backup sights, NV, lasers, and cosine indicators quickly and seamlessly.