Become a Dealer

MILE HIGH SHOOTING ACCESSORIES is currently accepting applications for our dealer program.

Download the Dealer Application located at the bottom of the page
Send an email to with the following:
- Completed Dealer Application
- Applicable Sales Tax Exemption Certificate
- Copy of your Federal Firearms License (FFL if applicable)
- Copy of your Special Tax Stamp (SOT if applicable)

Once we have processed your information, you will receive an email verifying that your dealer profile has been created.

Dealer sales should NOT be placed online. In order to place an order as a dealer, please choose one of the following options:
- Send an email to
- Dial (303) 255-9999, option 3

MILE HIGH SHOOTING ACCESSORIES is a proud distributor for:

Accuracy International – The World’s Best Sniper Rifle

We have grown to be one of the largest Accuracy International Distributors in the WORLD. We are a full-line stocking distributor, with a full inventory of rifles, accessories, and Accuracy International Chassis, providing the world’s finest sniper rifle system!

Spuhr – Optics Mounts

As a US Distributor for Spuhr Mounts, we maintain a large inventory ready for your purchase. Spuhr is an industry leader in producing an innovative mounting solutions system. Their scope mounts are not only a way of attaching the
scope to the firearm, but have rather transformed it into a platform system for which the mounting of optics and
other accessories, such as back-up sights, NV, lasers, and cosine indicators, becomes painless.