Fiocchi 204HVA: .204 Ruger V-Max 32gr, 50/Box

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To provide hunters with one of the best-performing lines of ammunition available, Fiocchi combines precision drawn cases and our reliable primers with the V-Max Hollow Point bullets. Fiocchi has chosen these bullet types as all of them have a long standing reputation for excellent performance. The Extrema rifle ammunition uses only the best, carefully selected powders to ensure these cartridges achieve results that will make the Extrema a favorite of hunters worldwide.

Model Extrema
UPC 762344707372
Caliber 204 Ruger
Bullet Type Hollow Point
Bullet Weight 32 GR
Rounds per box 20 Rounds Per Box, 10 Boxes Per Case
Casing Material Brass
Weight 1.290
.204 Ruger