Geissele SSA-E: Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced Trigger

Geissele : SSA-E
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Geissele Automatics Super Semi-Automatic (SSA) Trigger

The Geissele Automatics Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced trigger is a precision tuned, semi-automatic only trigger designed after the Geissele 2-stage combat trigger presently being used by US Special Operations Community. The SSA-E has an enhanced trigger pull, improving accuracy with your firearm while still retaining the rugged durability of the combat-tested triggers. The trigger components are constructed of tool steel durability and the engagement surfaces are wire EDM cut for smooth operation. The hammer and trigger pins are constructed of 4140 chrome moly tool steel and are hardened for durability. The hardened pins will not embed debris that will lead to damage of the lower, softer, aftermarket pins. The SSA-E is smooth and light with a first stage of 2.3 pounds; the second stage is 1.2 pounds and breaks crisp and clean. The enhanced trigger is perfect for a Squad Designated Marksman or an SPR-type rifle where a match-type trigger is desirable without the variability of internal adjustments. The hammer is lighter than a standard AR-15 and combined with the full power spring reduces the lock-time from 8.5 milliseconds to 5.1 milliseconds. The full power spring ensures reliability with hard military primers in some ammunition. The trigger includes installations instructions, a slave pin for installation, and lubricant for the trigger. 


Fire Mode 

Primary Use 


Approximate Pull Weights (lb) 



Super Semi-Automatic 





 Target Shooting 





1st: 2.3

2nd: 1.2

Total: 3.5


Reduced total weight for precision fire control

Candy cane-like 2nd stage break

2-stage design for safety and control

Full-power hammer spring

Tool steel construction