Thunder Beast Magnus Suppressors

The Thunder Beast MAGNUS was released in 2022 as a high-performance Magnum Rifle Suppressor, and quickly earned its reputation as one of the top, most versatile suppressors that Thunder Beast manufactures. The MAGNUS Suppressor has a full auto-rating when used with the patented Thunder Beast SR Mount. Thunder Beast is now offering the original 9” MAGNUS Suppressor, the new MAGNUS-K length at 5.5”, and the MAGNUS-S length at 6.9”. This range of lengths provides you with the absolute best suppressor for your needs that Thunder Beast has to offer. 

Each MAGNUS Length is available with four different mounts, the CB, BA, SR, and HUB CB. Each of the MAGNUS-CB mounts are shared with the Ultra 5, Ultra 7 and Ultra 9 suppressor series, as well as the Dominus-CB.


The only thing quieter is the larger 338 Ultra Gen2 line of suppressors.


Thunder Beast MAGNUS-SR


The MAGNUS-SR shares the same SR (Secondary Retention) mount as Thunder Beast’s Dominus-SR, Dominus-K-SR, and Ultra 338 SR. The MAGNUS-SR is .70” longer and 2.9 ounces heavier versus the MAGNUS-CB. The MAGNUS-SR has the same Hard-Use/Full-Auto rating as the DOMINUS-SR, which is: Lifetime to exceed 10 SURGE cycles, which was tested using an M4/MK18 10.5”.


Thunder Beast Mounts


The Thunder Beast Reduced Recoil mounts came out of the extensive testing and development of the ULTRA50 .50 Caliber Suppressor. The data showed the effectiveness of a muzzle brake mounted on the exit end of the suppressor, and because of that, Thunder Beast is offering all MAGNUS suppressor models in two variants. The standard flat-endcap version, and the RR (Reduced Recoil, or also known as the Race Ready) version. The RR models have such a significant recoil reduction that when shooting 300 Winchester Magnum, the RR models (all lengths) offer over 60% recoil reduction when compared to a bare muzzle. For comparison's sake, a normal MAGNUS-CB with flat endcap only has a 29% reduction on 300WM.


The Difference -  Thunder Beast’s SR Mount:


The Thunder Beast SR mount uses a novel paw and cam-path system to ensure that "full lock up" can happen in either of the two adjacent detent slots for any given final shouldering position of the suppressor on the conical brake shoulder. This categorically avoids the "off-by-one" problem that many "clicky" mounts have. The SR mount has the exact same accuracy, repeatability, and return-to-zero characteristics that all Thunder Beast’s precision suppressors are known for.


Thunder Beast Usage Recommendations




Best-for: Hunting, PRS.


The Magnus-K (normal endcap version) is the best choice if you want the least length added to your rifle. Suppression is between an Ultra 5 and an Ultra 7 (Gen2).


The Magnus-K-RR (Reduced Recoil version) is the best choice if you want recoil reduction and the least length added to your rifle. Recoil reduction (using 300WM number for comparison) is over 60%. Shooter's Ear sound reduction is about 10 dBA louder than the non-RR version.




Best-for: up to .30 cal Magnums, Hunting


The full-size Magnus (normal endcap version) the quietest .30 cal suppressor and is ideal for big .30 cal magnums. On smaller calibers it's also the quietest.

For reference, suppression is significantly better than an Ultra 9.


The Magnus-RR (Reduced Recoil version) is the best option for big .30 cal magnums because it has the soundest reduction of any of Thunder Beast’s RR models while still having over 60% recoil reduction on 300WM.