Accuracy International AI-1044: Target Adj Butt Plate


Accuracy International butt plate to adjust the rear end of the rifle to the shooter's height and angle for comfort and length of pull.

Part No. 1044



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    Works great but $$$

    Easy installation and allows the shooter to adjust the butt plate up and down as well as an angle. I am a tall shooter 6' 2" and the downward drop of the butt plate was needed to get proper shoulder pocket fit.

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    Well-made but pricey.

    Very satisfied with the product. Have always had a problem when mounting most rifles with a slight cant revealed by the scope’s cross-hairs. The adjustable butt plate has resolved that issue. Having purchased the AT308 new, I had several different sized butt spacers and bolts of varying lengths that came with the gun that made the install easy.

    I would tend to agree with the previous reviewers comments about the limited vertical adjustment but I don't use the vertical adjustment so it is not an issue.

    Overall, a nice upgrade.

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    Useful addition

    Overall high quality product. Will really help me when shooting prone.

    As another reviewer pointed out, I wish it would adjust upward a little more hence the three star rating - only goes up about 1/2 inch.

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    Well made, but lacks hight

    adjusts height and cant

    the good, its well made, easy to adjust and the prince isn't super inflated for the AI name.

    the bad.. considering its actual adjustment range, the price is a tad high for what you actually get.
    the biggest issue is lack height adjustment.
    the pic below its at its max height. its maybe .5 to .75 od a inch