Accuracy International Competition Trigger

AI : AI Accessories : C-XTSP001

The Competition Trigger is a drop-in replacement trigger for the Model AT, AX, and
AXMC factory trigger allowing for a lower trigger pull weight for competition shooting while maintaining the
reliability and robustness expected of an Accuracy International trigger.


-The Competition Trigger will utilize the factory Retention Screws(2), Clamp plate, and Trigger shoe.

-An Optional Trigger Shoe is required in order for the trigger system to work in AW & AWM legacy models.

-Optional Trigger shoes are not required for use in AT, AX, and AXMC models.

-Optional Curved Trigger Shoe

The AI Competition Trigger ships with a preset pull weight of 1.25lbs +/- 1.5oz. The Competition Trigger is
adjustable from .75lbs to 2.0lbs +/- 1.5oz. with the supplied spring set. The AI Competition Trigger has been tested
in excess of 100,000 cycles showing no discernible wear as compared to popular competition triggers that exhibit
measurable wear after only 5000 cycles. Each trigger is tested and adjusted using the Dvorak TriggerscanTM to
record take-up, creep, pull force, over travel and lock time. The Competition Trigger is user configurable from single
stage to two stage by following the straight-forward operator adjustments.


Additional Features Include:

• Independently adjustable first stage travel
• Independently adjustable second stage travel
• User adjustable over-travel
• User adjustable to single stage operation
• User adjustable trigger shoe placement for optimal ergonomics




Housing: 420 Stainless steel

Sears: Heat treated R54

Trigger Shoe: 6061 T6 Aluminum

Springs/Screws/Detents: Aerospace grade

Trigger weight (factory set): 1.25lbs +/-1.5oz

Trigger weight (user adjustable): .75lbs-2.0 +/-1.5oz

Two Stage (factory set): 50/50

Single Stage (user adjustable): -

NOW Made in the USA Exclusively for the U.S. Market






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    A real game changer, it is crisp and clean break. I just adjusted the take-up and over-travel and it is a steller performer, I have it set for approximately 12 ounces first stage and 12 ounces second stage.