Anarchy Outdoors: Accuracy International AT & AX Thumb Rests LH

Anarchy Outdoors
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Anarchy Outdoors has come up with a thumb shelf solution that does not permanently modify your chassis. This thumb rest is made from a very strong nylon material. If you install this part on your AX the capture feature feature will be deleted. The stock will still fold all of the way it will just cease to lock in place. These parts are compatible with AT and AX rifles.

Version “AT,” which requires a special metal threaded insert.

  • Factory AIAT – folding stock only 
  • ATAICS – all folding stock variants, fixed stock variants in 300WM and 338LM ONLY
  • Pre-14’ factory AIAX – folding stock only
  • Pre-14’ AXAICS – folding stock only

Version “AX”

  • Post-14’ factory AX, AXMC – folding stock only
  • Post-14’ AXAICS – folding stock only

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