Area 419: Universal Magazine Extension, Black

Area 419
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The most advanced product of its kind, the Are 419 Universal Magazine Extension design allows the column of rounds to travel straight down into the mag extension. The fluting around the sides make an excellent gripping point for mag changes and also helps to remove some weight.

Built from the American Rifle Company +4 mag extension, these are designed to work on a variety of magazines. Including the ARC 10rd mag, AICS 5 or 10rd, and Accurate Mag in either standard bolt face or on SAUM/WSM mags. Easy install, great performance, and the quality you’ve come to expect from Area 419.


Expected Capacity Increase:
ARC 10-Rounders: +4 or +5 depending on cartridge
AICS & Accurate 5/10 Rd: +4 or +5 depending on cartridge
Accurate WSM 3 or 7 Rd: +3

*Not compatible with other polymer mags