Fiocchi 12INERT: 12 Ga Dummy Rounds 2-3/4" 10/Box

Fiocchi : 12INERT
The 12INERT (previous item #12DUMMY) shotshell is a non-fring 12 gauge 2 ¾” 1 1/8 ounce shell that has the heft and feel of a real 12 gauge shell without the primer and powder. These are great for gunsmiths, gun training for new shotgun shooters, and for competitive shotgun shooters like Three Gunners who want to practice loading and manipulating their shotguns without using live ammo.

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    Perfect for training!!!

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    Dummy rounds are same weight as normal, lead in front, metal base in back, clearly labeled. So, as opposed to an all plastic dummy round, these simulate the real thing. My purpose was for practicing loading techniques and testing shell latch function. These served their purpose well, live rounds functioned just the same.

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    Great Product !!

    Great Dummy rounds by Fiochi. They look real , load and unload easy , weigh the same as a real shotshell , and are clearly marked "Dummy".
    Gary L

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    Perfect for loading practice

    Just what I was looking for, and couldn't find anywhere else. These are weighted just like live shells, and are perfect for practicing Load 2 and Quad Loading. They cycle great in my 1301 Comp.

    Long term they'll probably get beaten up and I'll have to toss them, but that goes along with having the plastic shells. The base is a hard plastic, not brass.

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    Must Have for practicing Load 2 & quad reloads

    These are safe, authentic, inert shotgun shells. They are the correct size and weight of typical target loads, minus any powder or primer. They have a 'high brass' base made of metal for durability and come 10 shells per box at a very affordable price. The word DUMMY is inked onto the plastic shell sides and ends are crimped like real shells. They cycle perfectly thru my JM 930Pro and allow for safe practice in quickly reloading Load 2 and Quad Loads from the belt. This practice is necessary for improving reloading times by developing and refining skills essential for 3GUN shotgun stages. They look, feel and perform like the real thing, which is important to me.
    Note: There is no soft material or indentation to simulate a primer. These dummy rounds are not "snap caps" and are not designed to prevent damage to firearms from dry firing.