Hawkins Precision: Remington Long Action Flush Mount Magazine, 300 PRC

Hawkins Precision : 311-1001.01
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The Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazine is the answer for shooters wanting run magazines in their hunting rifles without sacrificing the COAL of their rounds. These flush magazines are specifically designed to be used with Hawkins Hunter DBM and give hunters additional magazine space for longer bullets/calibers. Their flush design also will not snag on branches or brush, and make it easy to load and unload rifles quickly.

  • Long Action Magnum Weight: 3.2 oz
  • Long Action magazines hold 3 rounds (~3.770" internal length)
  • Long Actions are designed to be run with Beltless magnum cases. Not designed to feed belted mags.
  • Long Action Magazines are designed to be used specifically in the LA Hunter DBM. Will not work in any other system.