Hawkins Precision: Short Action, M5 Oberndorf, Bottom Metal

Hawkins Precision
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The M5 Oberndorf bottom metals are born from Hawkins Precision's famous Oberndorf bottom metal, with one exception, they fit a standard M5 inlet. This bottom metal is precision CNC machined, lightweight and designed for Wyatt extended length box magazines.

They feature a reversible and adjustable mag/floor plate catch, and have a thicker floor plate that provides less spring pressure and added reliability when loading even Ultra mag cartridges. These are the perfect pairing for your M5 inletted hunting stock.

Available for Remington 700 (and REM 700 clone) actions in short and long action cut for a Wyatt extended box mags.
Make sure your action is cut for a Wyatt’s Extended Magazine Box.

M5 Oberndorf Bottom Metal as available a kit with action screws and follower. Please note these bottom metals do not come with a spring or magazine box. 

Product Details:

  • Short action
  • Black Anodized