Hornady: SnapSafe Safe Accessory Pack

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Get the most out of your safe by maximizing space and increasing functionality. The Safe Accessory Pack includes all our most popular accessories in one package. Magnetic hook, document basket and document bag keep your valuables safe and organized while the dehumidifier, LED light strip and hygrometer ensure a climate-controlled environment.



  • RECHARGEABLE DEHUMIDIFIER Absorb humidity and prevent rust or mildew in gun safes, closets, pantries and other enclosed areas. Moisture-control crystals change from orange to green, indicating when the unit needs recharging. Dry out and recharge the crystals by plugging into 110V electrical outlet until crystals turn orange again.
  • FIRE RESISTANT DOCUMENT BAG Protect documents from flames and heat up to 1800 degrees F.
  • MAGNETIC HOOK This 2-prong hook features heavy-duty magnets that securely store gear. Use it to hold gun cases, binoculars, range bags and other accessories. Position it on the corner of any gun safe and reposition as needed. Rated for 15 lbs.
  • DOCUMENT BASKET Accommodates 8-½” x 11” documents. Maximize storage for ammo and accessories with this coated wire basket that slides onto ½-inch to 1-inch thick shelf. Holds up to 40 lbs.
  • LED LIGHT STRIP Long-lasting 13-inch 20LED/white light (70 lumens). Ideal for gun safes, closets, cabinets, drawers and corridors, this light bar features long-lasting LED lights with ON/OFF/AUTO modes that allow users to set so light comes on with motion is detected. Easy to install, these lights require AAA batteries (no included).
  • HYGROMETER Ensure the best environment for guns, accessories and other valuables. Placed inside a safe or vault room, the hygrometer displays the current temperature and humidity level, as well as recent extremes in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Large LCD display shows icons indicating air conditions, and fold-out stand allows for convenient storage on shelf or floor of safe. Unit is powered by two AAA batteries (not included).