JP: Enhanced Cam Pin

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Enhanced Cam Pin

  • Large Frame (.308)
  • DPMS Pattern
  • Reduced the wear, increase the lifespan.

When it comes to ARs, the smaller the part, the less people think about it. But that doesn't mean there's not room for improvement almost everywhere you look. Both in design and manufacturing, there are always gains to be made.

The JP Enhanced Cam Pin retains every critical dimension of the standard DPMS LR-308 cam pin but improves on design, manufacturing and finish. A smoother operating system with lower overall wear in the components is the result.

In addition to receiving JP's low-friction QPQ finish, their Enhanced Cam Pins are also machined thicker than the usual undersized dimension of standard pins. An undersized pin drops right in but allows slop in the relationship between bolt, bolt carrier and cam pin. Looseness in these parts stresses the cam pin hole of the bolt during cycling, which is why bolt breakage is so common at this point. It also wears the cam pin faster as the carrier wears into the material at the bearing points. A tighter pin with low-friction coating cuts all this wear down dramatically.

Finally, they hold the upper receiver-to-cam pin width precisely to keep the bolt in alignment with the barrel. This reduces premature lug wear to the barrel extension.

The revamped head design of this pin also allows for easier assembly/disassembly while also cutting out the typical sloppy play that causes needless receiver wear.

These cam pins are available individually and are now the JP standard cam pin wherever JP uses them.


  • Tighter dimensional tolerances for reduced bolt assembly and cam pin wear
  • Redesigned head for easier disassembly and more controlled fit
  • Elimination of sharp edges dramatically reduced wear to the upper receiver
  • Smoother operation thanks to additional polishing to all critical surfaces
  • Rock-hard QPQ coating for corrosion resistance and lubricious cycling
  • LR-308 compatible requiring no additional proprietary parts