KRG: CZ-455 Chassis, Black

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CZ-455 with Bravo Buttstock, Black


If you enjoy rimfire matches or plinking, or want a trainer rifle set up similar in feel to your long range rifle, our CZ-455 .22 chassis is what you need!

KRG starts with a lightweight front end that is comfortable and has a machined aluminum bedding surface for your action. The CZ-455 chassis provides you with the excellent ergonomics and adjustability of our other chassis while offering the different configuration options to tailor the weight and cost to suit your needs. You can go from high end folding stock with tool-less adjustments all the way to a lightweight entry level setup.  Of course accessories and mounting options are important so we made sure that there were as many options as possible.

The CZ chassis uses the factory CZ-455 magazine.

Fits: CZ-455

Weight: ~3.2lbs w/ Bravo 


CZ Chassis Forend:

  • Polymer for light weight and to eliminate heat transfer to/from the shooter's hand.
  • Mounting holes and MLok slots at various positions will take L2 Picatinny rails, QD sling mounts,NV mounts, etc.
  • Access hole for action mounting screw, so you can remove the action without removing forend.


  • Will accept any barrel contour up to 1.2” straight cylinder. However we recommend a lighter contour such as medium palma for extra barrel clearance.

Trigger Guard/Mag catch:

  • Will accept some aftermarket triggers.
  • Uses factory magazine well and release.


  • Cheekpiece infinitely adjustable within range (1” travel).
  • Cheekpiece can be quickly removed and re-installed, uses a clamp and thumbscrew design.
  • Cheekpiece made of polymer to not transmit heat to or away from your face.

Length of Pull:

  • Adjustable with spacers in 3/8" increments with nearly 2 1/4” of adjustment range (uses same spacer packs as X-Ray Chassis).
  • LOP is approximately 12.7” standard and can be extended to 15” (technically even longer is possible with even more spacers).

Buttstock (Standard Bravo buttstock):

  • Reinforced polymer material.
  • Heavy internal ribbing provides great strength.
  • Mounting points for external QD cup on either side.
  • Built in thumbshelf for same-side-thumb-grip shooters.

Recoil pad:

  • Comfortable recoil absorbing material
  • Buttpad is Remington 700 pattern so user can install aftermarket pads if desired.

Mounting features for slings, monopods, etc:

  • Buttstock has one position on each side for external QD cup.
  • Harris bipod stud included for forend.
  • Forend has mounting positions for QD sling plate, Sling Loop/QD mount, L2 rail, Night Vision mount, etc.

Optional Accessories:

  • Large selection of accessories from sling mounts to tripod mounts.
  • Magazine is not included.