MDT: LSS Gen2, Rem 700 SA, RH - FDE

MDT : 103882-FDE
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In 2013, after the MDT TAC21 Chassis has been on the market for a few years and was being widely adopted, MDT quickly realized that there was a need for an aftermarket rifle stock that was more compact, more lightweight, and extremely easy to install. The chassis also needed to fit a carbine AR buttstock and AR grip, easing the barrier to entry for first-time chassis adopters with a spare AR buttstock or grip laying around. This was the beginning of the MDT LSS Chassis.

The MDT LSS Chassis is now onto a new and improved Gen2 version, with upgrades such as a more aggressive barricade stop, M-LOK forend, and an ambidextrous magazine latch to name a few. With the addition of products like MDT’s folding stock adapter and any carbine compatible buttstock, your next compact truck gun, lightweight foldable hunting rifle, or general shooter build has never been easier.


The compact and streamlined design of the MDT LSS Chassis makes it lightweight and perfect for general use and transport. This chassis can be used for a variety of versatile rifle builds, and is ideal for carrying long distances, strapping to your bag, or stowing in the vehicle for quick and easy access.


Regardless of skill level or shooting discipline, the MDT LSS GEN2 Chassis is accessible to anyone. Featuring all the advantages of an MDT chassis, such as V-Block bedding to keep your rifle tight and secure, an M-LOK forend for accessory mounting, and is compatible with AICS pattern magazines.


Don’t be fooled by the small and slim design, the MDT LSS GEN2 Chassis is extremely durable and rigid, keeping your rifle straight and true no matter how much you put it through.


Simply drop in your action, tighten the included action screws and you’re good to go! It’s so easy that you could install it at the range. No need for gun-smithing, special tools, or a 50-page manual.


  • M-LOK Compatible Forend
  • Compatible with carbine/collapsible buttstocks
  • Compatible with AR-15 style grips
  • Integrated barricade stop
  • AICS magazine compatible
  • Ambidextrous magazine latch 


  • Remington:
    • Remington 700 Short Action
    • Remington 700 Long Action
    • Remington Model 7
    • Remington Model 783 Short Action
    • Remington 700 Clones such as Bergara B14
  • Savage:
    • Savage Short Action 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 110
    • Savage Long Action 110, 111, 112, 116
    • Savage Axis -Short Calibers
    • Savage Axis - Long Calibers using MDT 3.56 magazine
    • Savage B22
    • Savage A22 22LR
    • Savage Mark II 
  • Tikka:
    • Tikka T3/T3x - Short Calibers
    • Tikka T3/T3x - Long Calibers using MDT 3.56 magazine
    • Tikka T1X
  • Mossberg:
    • Mossberg MVP 5.56 (.223) (using AR-15 Magazines)
    • Mossberg MVP 7.62 (.308) (using AR-10 Magazines)
    • Mossberg Patriot Short Action
    • Mossberg Patriot Long Action 
  • Howa:
    • Howa 1500 / Weatherby Vanguard - Short Calibers
    • Howa 1500 / Weatherby Vanguard - Long Calibers
    • Howa 1500 Mini Action -Short Calibers (Only compatible with factory magazines)
  • Ruger:
    • Ruger M77 (Scout) Short Action
    • Ruger American Short Action
    • Ruger American 22LR
  • CZ:
    • CZ 455
    • CZ 457
    • Anschutz Match 54 (Models 1710 and 1712)