Zeiss LRP S3 4-25x50

Zeiss LRP S3 4-25x50 Rifle Scopes

As with all Zeiss riflescopes, Zeiss LRP S3 4-25x50 rifle scopes are considered the best in their class. Made with the Zeiss' tried and true multi-element ED-glass construction and Zeiss T lens coating, this scope is resistant to moisture, fingerprints, rain, and much more. The S3 4-25x50 rifle scope features the best total elevation travel of any scope in its class. 

While it's built to handle the stress and repetitive use of long-range rifle competitions, this scope is also great for recreational shooting. It's more lightweight and compact than similar models, making it ideal to pack and carry. Additionally, the absolute return to zero, courtesy of its Ballistic Stop, combined with its potential for instant wind corrections and locking mechanism, make this scope tough to beat.