Pro-Tech Knives: Red Whiskers Magic BR-1.7

RED Whiskers Magic BR-1.7
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Automatic Knife Legal Disclaimer

Upon first glance there is nothing about the BR-1 to make you suspect it's an auto (no button of course). Nine out of ten people that you hand it to will NOT be able to open it until you show them where the trick spot is.

The BOLSTER slides up; this very deliberate movement is what fires the blade open and also unlocks it from the open position.



  • Blade Length: 3.10 inch
  • Blade Width: 0.83 inch
  • Blade Thickness: 0.110 inch
  • Blade Material: 154-CM Stainless
  • Handle Length: 4.0 inch
  • Handle Width: 0.45 inch
  • Handle Material: Thick Aluminum - deep setting pocket clip on back
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