R&D Precision: MRAD Muzzle Brake

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The MRAD muzzle brake was designed by R&D Precision to give a cleaner look when attached, and to allow quick and easy removal of the brake for cleaning or the use of a suppressor. Ports are at 3 and 9 o’clock and are angled up and back at 10 degrees.
Once the barrel has been properly threaded, simply thread on the MRAD brake and tighten the cross screw and you're ready to go. No brake torque needed and it will not shoot loose.
Available in four different sizes.
Available in three different exit holes. (Exit hole can be opened up for larger calibers).
Available in two different thread pitches with either .30 cal or 6mm exit hole. ¾-24 threaded brakes have a .22 cal exit hole and will need to be opened up by the gunsmith.

  • .860” 5/8-24 TPI
  • .900” 5/8-24 TPI
  • .960” 5/8-24 TPI
  • .960” 3/4-24 TPI