Really Right Stuff: Limited Vis Spotter Kit

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The Limited Visibility Spotter Kit allows a user to mount a day optic in front of the Limited Visibility optic co-aligned to allow for unimpeded limited visibility viewing. Using our MPR-360 multi-purpose rail allows the option to mount the most popular length spotting scopes and camera lenses in front of either thermal or night vision clip on mounts. With the CRD-Rail Attached to the end of the MPR-360 users are able to adjust the height of their clip on night vision devices to align the optics to achieve a perfect center alignment through the viewing devices. The PRA-135 picatinny rail attachment gives the ability to quickly mount optics with quick-release picatinny clamps to the system. With the Mini-Clamp package installed the clamps can be rotated 90 degrees to allow for common camera plates or spotting scope plates to be used in any direction. 

(Ballhead not included)  

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