Spuhr RD and RDF Series Flip Mounts

The RD™ and RDF™ series is a prime example of Swedish innovation and quality, and was a customer-prompted project, where a European military unit requested a mounting solution for the Aimpoint® Micro™ T-2 and the Aimpoint® 3XMag-1™ – but with a weight constraint not previously achieved by any manufacturer. We (Spuhr®) rose to the challenge and won the contract.

The RDF™ series of flip mounts features a lightweight mount with a two-position removable magnifier yoke. The yoke is locked into the mount but can be removed completely with a simple push of a button. This patented solution provides a minimum of weight – just a mere 189 grams/6.7 oz for the mount with the magnifier yoke.

The RDF™ series also allows an optional Picatinny Rail to be attached to the front of the mount, for the attachment of an illuminator, as well as an optional rear iron sight.

The first model in the RDF™ series is the RDF-20225K, which has an optical height over rail of 57 mm/2.25” (as indicated by the model number) and a weight of 189 grams/6.7 oz. The RDF-20225K will be followed by the RDF-20291K, which will have a height of 74 mm/2.91”. In addition to the RDF™ flip mount series, Spuhr® is also launching the RD™ series of lightweight red dot mounts without the magnifier yoke.

As always, quality has been a priority, where the mount does not feature any sharp edges while featuring the same high-quality black anodizing known from all Spuhr® products.

Available heights are 39 mm/1.53”, 42 mm/1.65”, 49 mm/1.93”, 57 mm/2.25”, and 74 mm/2.91”. The 57 mm and 74 mm height RD mounts are also compatible with the optional Picatinny illuminator rail.

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