Spuhr SCP-4006: Picatinny Hunting Mount - 34mm, H/1.35", 0 MOA

Our new Hunting Series of mounts - offering a more attractive and lightweight alternative to the ISMS series of scope mounts. The SCP-4006 is designed for use on Picatinny rails and features one classic ring and one interface ring, which can be rotated as to position the interface/accessory in either the 12-o'clock or 3-o'clock position.
The SCP-series of mounts can also be rotated for left or right handed shooters, and feature two separate side clamps.
0 MIL/0 MOA Height: 34 mm/1.35” Length: 118 mm/4.65” Weight: 156 g/5.5 oz
10-degree wedge included


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    Solid Mount

    I bought this mount to mount a Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen 2, 4.5-27x56 scope on a Daniel Defense Delta 5 rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor. Unfortunately, I don't have the rifle yet. However, the mount height of 1.35" is perfect for mounting the scope on my POF AR-10 (.308WIN) with full length rail. I used Loktite Blue 242 on the scope ring screws, and rosin powder in the rings themselves, and after 60 rounds of .308WIN there has been no scope movement. I chose this mount over the ASMS because I did not need all the extra accessory mounting points. There is a single mounting point, however, which would likely serve me well if I decide to get an angle-cosine indicator. Otherwise, this scope suits my needs perfectly for range shooting, and eventually hunting or PRS shooting. My only problem with this mount (and the reason for 4 stars instead of 5) is the mounting wedge that came with it was the thicker version that Spuhr makes. Because it was thicker, it did not fit underneath the turret of my scope, in the leveling groove. I wish Spuhr would either include the thinner wedge instead (an added cost of $20), or a longer wedge that combines the function of both their thin and thick leveling wedges. Otherwise, I had to resort to using my AccuMaster digital angle gauge to level the scope while mounting.

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