Thunder Beast: 338 SR Muzzle Brake, 3/4x24 - .338 Cal

Thunder Beast
338SR MB 3/4-24
Current Stock:
338 Secondary Retention Muzzle Brake
The SR mount is a thread-over muzzle brake similar to the Thunder Beast CB and BA mounts, but with an added fail-safe locking mechanism. The SR mount is only compatible with SR series TBAC suppressors, including the 338 Ultra SR, Dominus-SR, and Dominus-K-SR. The SR mount uses a novel paw and cam-path system to ensure that "full lock up" can happen in either of the two adjacent detent slots for any given final shouldering position of the suppressor on the conical brake shoulder. This categorically avoids the "off by one" problem that many "clicky" mounts have. The SR mount has the exact same accuracy, repeatability, and return-to-zero characteristics that all our precision suppressors are known for.
- .338 Caliber
- Thread Pitch: 3/4x24
- Includes one peel washer