Tipton: Ultra Jag, 25/6.5mm Cal

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Take a modern bore solvent and squirt it on a brass cleaning jag. The liquid will turn blue as it drips off the jag – it is working so fast, it starts to dissolve your cleaning jag in front of your eyes! If you are following conventional wisdom “clean until you get a clear patch” you might be in for a long night. Tipton®’s Ultra Jag™ features a patent-pending technology that covers the surface of a traditional push-type jag with solvent-proof material, keeping aggressive modern bore solvents from creating false blue stains that normally indicate copper fouling. When you use Ultra Jags, you will get better, faster cleaning results because you will know you are getting blue stains from copper fouling and not from the surface of your jag.



  • Standard thread sizes
  • Solvent-proof coating
  • Slotted grooves hold solvent for maximum cleaning
  • Slotted grooves hold the patch securely on the jag
  • Pointed tip for east patch penetration