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Recon V2
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The Recon V2  Tripod is truly a jack of all trades tripod. It features a quick deployment system with 3 leg sections, new ratcheting locking tabs for even faster deployment as well as a compact size for packing in. The new V2 series offers a more packable tripod by reducing the center section to allow users to use either their current existing ballhead or any common ballhead on the market. By reducing the center section we were able to have a weight reduction of about 1lb off of the current Recon tripod The Recon V2 now features out new leg stopper system which does not allow your tripod leg to cross in between the other legs when closing and transporting the tripod.


  • Weight: 4 lb 12 oz
  • Leg Sections: 2 / 1 Twist Locks
  • Main Tube Diamater: 42MM Main Tube
  • Collapsed Height: 39 Inches
  • Deployed Height: 65.5 Inches
  • Leg Adjustment Tabs: Ratcheting Ears
  • Twist Locks: 1/4 Turn Twist Locks
  • Integrated Spikes In Feet: No (spikes Included)
  • Head Options: Ballhead
  • Whats Included: Tripod & Spiked Feet
  • Max Weight Rating: 100lbs